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4 Wheel Drive (4WD) Tyres - ContiCrossContact UHP

Ultra High Performance For Light Trucks & SUVs

Features & Benefits (Fitur & Keuntungan)

ContiCrossContact UHP

For high speed road use (Untuk kendaraan berkecepatan tinggi)
Short braking distance through bionic contour (Dibuat dari bahan Bionik, jarak pengereman lebih pendek)
High cornering stability & large safety reserves (Stabil saat berbelok pada kecepatan tinggi)
Outstanding handling & driving enjoyment (Sangat nyaman & mudah dikendalikan)
Excellent protection against aquaplanning (Perlindungan luar biasa terhadap Aquaplaning)
Rim Flange Protector protecting the rims from curb damage (Melindungi Velg dari trotoar)
UTQG Treadwear Rating: 420 AA A
Sizes Click here for Legend Explanation
55 Series          
225/55R18 98V   TL FR  
235/55R19 105V   XL FR TL
235/55R20 102W TL      
275/55ZR20 117W TL XL FR  
50 Series          
235/50R19 99V TL FR MO  
255/50R19 107Y   XL FR TL
265/50R20 111V TL XL FR  
275/50R20 109W TL ML MO  
285/50ZR20 116W   XL FR  
45 Series          
255/45R19 100V TL MO    
285/45R19 107W TL FR ML MO
295/45R19 109Y TL FR ML MO
245/45R20   TL XL FR  
255/45R20 105W TL XL FR  
275/45R20 110Y   XL FR  
295/45ZR20 114W   XL FR  
305/45ZR22 118W TL XL FR  
40 Series          
255/40R19 96W TL FR    
295/40ZR20 106Y TL FR MO  
265/40R22 106W TL XL FR  
305/40ZR22 114W TL XL    
305/40ZR23 115W TL XL FR  
285/40R24 112V TL XL FR  
35 Series          
295/35ZR21 107Y TL XL MO  
265/35R22 102Y TL XL FR  
275/35ZR22 XL TL FR    
285/35R22 106W TL XL FR  
315/35ZR24 114W   XL FR  
30 Series          
295/30ZR22 XL TL FR    
315/30ZR22 107Y TL XL FR  
25 Series          
335/25ZR22 TL XL FR    

Ban ini dapat dibeli di toko ban terdekat atau menghubungi kami buat informasi lengkapnya. Ban dapat dikirim ke seluruh wilayah di Indonesia (ongkos kirim dibayar pembeli). Ban digaransi pabrik 10 tahun. Stok tersedia & harga dijamin se-Indonesia.

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18 January 2005- Rinspeed Chopster introduced Porsche Cayenne fitted with ContiCrossContact UHP 315/25R23 Y XL, approved for speeds up to 300km/h (187mph) - (Read More)

6 May 2005 - Continental will supply ContiCrossContact UHP to Land Rover as the Original Equipment (OE) for its new high performance model - the Range Rover Sport (Read More).

20 July 2006 - Audi's first ever SUV - the Q7 - is to be factory fitted with Continental ContiCrossContact UHPQ7 has a top speed of 248km/h (155mph) (Read More).

20 September 2007 - TechArt introduced Porsche Cayenne fitted with ContiCrossContact UHP 295/30ZR22 at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show (Read More)

11 February 2008 - Continental ContiCrossContact UHP will be used as Original Equipment (OE) for 2008 BMW models (Read More).

4 May 2008 - The Star Online Magazine reviewed ContiCrossContact AT & was impressed with the product (Read More).

25 December 2008 - The new 2009 Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG will feature Continental ContiCrossContact UHP in size 295/35R21 107Y XL (Read More).

The ContiCrossContact UHP has a bionic contour that allows the tyre to narrow when moving & widens when braking.  This reduces the braking distance & ensures higher cornering stability.  The tyre asymmetrical profile & outer rigidity guarantees exceptional cornering & a fun drive without compromising on safety.  The 4 or 5 (depending on tyre width) circumferential drainage grooves provide excellent protection against aquaplaning.  The ContiCrossContact UHP is approved for speeds up to 200mph (320km/h) & tailored to meet the requirements of high performance SUV vehicles such as Porsche Cayenne or BMW X5.  It has already managed 330km/h under controlled conditions in a high-speed event at the Nardo Ring (Italy).

ContiCrossContact UHP memiliki telapak Bionik yang membuat permukaan ban mengecil saat berlari kencang & permukaan ban akan membesar saat dilakukan pengereman.  Kemampuan ini memperpendek jarak pengereman & memberikan kestabilan saat berbelok.

Telapak asimetris & bahu yg kokoh membuat mobil mudah dikendalikan.  ContiCrossContact UHP mempunyai 4 atau 5 alur tergantung dari lebar ban & memberikan perlindungan terhadap AquaplaningContiCrossContact UHP dapat digunakan sampai dengan 320km/jam (200mph) & cocok untuk kendaraan SUV berkecepatan tinggi seperti Porsche Cayenne atau BMW X5 ContiCrossContact UHP telah di test & dapat mencapai kecepatan 330km/jam di perlombaan di Nardo Ring (Italia).

Magazine (Majalah) Country (Negara) Issue (Edisi) Tyre Size (Ukuran Ban)

Awards (Penghargaan)

Tire Rack USA (Amerika) 07/07 255/55R18 ContiCrossContact UHP were tested against Michelin 4x4 Diamaris Street/Sport Truck Summer & Pirelli Scorpion Zero Street/Sport Truck All-Season.  Result: Continental ContiCrossContact UHP was the Best for Overall Road Rating, Handling, Slalom Time on dry roads, Slalom Time on wet roads, Lap time on dry roads, Average Cornering on dry roads & Equal Best for Average Cornering on wet roads (Read More) - (Ban Terbaik).
Auto Zeitung Germany (Jerman) 09/07   Recommended - (Direkomendasikan).
Tire Rack USA (Amerika) 03/08   ContiCrossContact UHP is ranked number 1 (#1) in an online consumer satisfaction survey of street/sport truck summer tyres (Read More) - (Ban terpopuler).
Auto Bild Germany (Jerman) 11/08   ContiCrossContact UHP received a "Recommended" rating for its extremely safe summer tyres with secure handling characteristics & excellent side guidance in wet & dry conditions (Read More) - (Direkomendasikan).
Auto Bild Germany (Jerman) 04/09 235/55R17 H-Y ContiCrossContact UHP on VW Tiguan against Dunlop SP Sport Maxx TT, Pirelli Scorpion Zero Asimmetrico, Fulda Carat Exelero, Hankook DynaPro H/P, Kumho Ecsta & Bridgestone Dueller H/P Sport.  Result: ContiCrossContact UHP is highly recommended (Winner).  Comment: Very balanced & safe tyre, Easy to predict in wet, Relatively good off-road grip - (Direkomendasikan).
Auto Zeitung Germany (Jerman) 09/09 235/55R17 ContiCrossContact UHP were tested on a BMW X3 in wet slopes, dry road conditions & on sand & gravel & ContiCrossContact UHP was the Winner against products from other European, American, Japanese & Korean tyre manufacturers (Read More) - (Pemenang Test).
Auto Express UK (Inggris) 10/09 235/55R17 H/V/W They tested several tyres on a Toyota Rav4ContiCrossContact UHP was "Rank 2" & according to Auto Express, the result of the top 3 tyres were extremely close (Read More) - (Ranking ke 2).
Auto Bild Germany (Jerman) 04/10 255/55R18 W/Y They tested ContiCrossContact UHP on a BMW X5 & ContiCrossContact UHP received a "Highly Recommended" rating (Read More) - (Direkomendasikan).
Auto Express UK (Inggris) 05/10   ContiCrossContact UHP was Recommended by Auto Express Magazine as part of their tests (Read More) - (Direkomendasikan).
Auto Bild Germany (Jerman) 06/10 255/55R18 T/H/W They tested ContiCrossContact UHP on a BMW X5 & ContiCrossContact UHP was awarded the test winner & produced the "best stopping distances" (Read More) - (Pemenang Test).
Auto Zeitung Germany (Jerman) 13/10 255/55R18 They tested 8 tyre models on popular SUVs such as Audi Q7, BMW X5, Jeep Cherokee, Kia Sorento, Mercedes R/ML/G, Mitsubishi Pajero, Porsche Cayenne, Range Rover Sport, Volvo XC 90 & VW Touareq.  The ContiCrossContact UHP took top marks of 324 points, with the runner-up getting 294 points (Read More) - (Pemenang Test).

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