Official Poker Rules

Official poker rules are written to govern the game of poker. Whether you play in a bar, club, or online, knowing these rules is essential to your success. Here’s how they’re structured. The first rule is that players must be at their seat during the entire hand. If they’re not, they’ll have a dead hand.

Having a good table manner is the key to a great poker experience. If you behave improperly, you risk making a gaffe and losing your poker chips. If you have a bad table manner, it may make your opponents want to leave your table. Following these rules will ensure a pleasant experience for everyone.

Another rule is to keep your chips in stacks of 20. Stacks of twenty are preferred by tournament players, but you should separate them by denomination. It’s also best to keep high-denomination chips visible so other players and the dealer can easily count them. In addition, a neat stack of 20 chips keeps your chips from falling into piles.

The dealer will place the appropriate amount of chips on the table at the start of the game. In tournament games, players determine their starting position by drawing a high card of their suit. The dealer will also raise the blinds and antes at regularly scheduled intervals.