The Official Poker Rankings

The Official Poker Rankings is a free online poker rating and results service. It features rankings and statistics for poker tournaments, players, poker sites, and freerolls. It also provides information on ROI, prize money, and exact finishes for many different tournaments. In addition, it includes results and statistics from poker tournaments held by various groups, such as high rollers and multi-table tournaments.

For those who are unfamiliar with poker, the official rules can help them understand the game and the various types of hands. A poker hands chart is a handy tool to have. These charts are available online or can be printed out. The What Beats What in Poker guide is an excellent starting guide for players. It explains how poker hands are ranked, as well as how to determine whether or not a particular hand is a high or low hand.

Players may also make private deals with each other, resulting in a higher place in the tournament for cash or prize money. During this time, the management of a tournament is not required to intervene, but does have the right to alter an event or cancel it. However, it is unethical to remove prize money before it is awarded. A poker tournament should be played until completion. If the management has a change of heart or cannot continue the event, they can still change the rules in a fair way.

Another rule in poker is to not complain about bad beats. While some people may think that it is a good idea to complain about losing, it can end up making everyone at the table uncomfortable and ruining the fun at the table. Furthermore, it is absurd to complain about losing in similar spots.