What You Need to Know About the Official Betting Rules

Sports betting is a fast-growing industry that can be confusing to those who aren’t part of the inner circle of sports “sharps.” There are many aspects of sports betting that have to do with determining the outcome of a game or event, and it’s important for anyone who wants to place a bet on a particular game to understand all the rules and regulations.

All bets are settled based on the official result outlined by the governing bodies for each competition. Any changes made to these results after the initial declaration will be ignored. For soccer betting, games that end in a tie on markets where the team is not one of the choices will be void, as well as any game that has been postponed and rescheduled within 24 hours.

If the player complies with the conditions of an if bet, it will be won. The conditions are listed in the market description and must be met for a wager to stand.

Colorado and Oklahoma legalized sports betting after the 2020 election, and both states offer in-person and online sports wagering. However, collegiate betting, including player prop bets, is prohibited in both states. Seeking, offering, or accepting a bribe to fix a game or event is also illegal in all states. This includes supplying inside information that could reasonably be used for betting purposes. If any bettor is found in violation of the rules, they will be subject to investigation and prosecution.